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The Warrior's Day Off Open Editions

Buff Monster's 5 min Open Edition Debut! The Warrior’s Day Off is the latest collection of scenes from a story that I’ve been telling for almost ten years. I’ve been slowly revealing the story of Mister Melty and friends fighting the Dark Lord in paintings and murals since 2012. It’s an epic tale of good versus evil, and the central character has always been the Warrior. He is the one defending the lifestyle, culture, and optimism of the inhabitants of Lollipop Land. He represents the artistic spirit; of fighting off the cynics, the time-wasters, and others that seek to stifle creativity and maintain the status quo. Art collectors, too, are warriors, taking a stand against blank walls and stale art to support and encourage the artists on the front lines, pushing the bounds. We’re all in this noble pursuit together. I think the bright colors of optimism will always triumph over the neutral tones of negativity. For this collection, I aimed to make pieces that I couldn’t have done before and to tell a story that I hadn’t expressed before. So rather than focus on the struggle and victory of this timeless battle, I wanted to explore the more human side of the conflict. I looked into why the Warrior fights and the toll that it takes.

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