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The Heartbreakers

Everything goes on in the city. Each mouse is busy doing his own thing and working for the good of his beloved city. Local scientist Rachel Brains comes up with a new fertilizer for rich crops. The invention does not work as well as it should, and tests have revealed side effects. The city council will not give permission to produce it. The scientist is approached by a mafia boss who has his own insidious plans for the invention. He offers to finance further tests of the formula and work for him. The mafia wants to take over the city, so they need to divert the attention of the local police and city government. The mafia has its share of farming. They start fertilizing fruits and vegetables. The food ends up on store shelves and then goes to the regular residents. The inhabitants begin to mutate, some HBs begin to have fangs and red eyes... Mayor Anastasia Heart and Police Chief Elizabeth Justice make a statement that strange things are happening in the city and warn citizens to be extra careful. To be continued...

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