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Say It Like You Feel It Open Editions

Cash Cash releases 10 minute open editions! Cash Cash is a multi - platinum worldwide touring music group. In addition to producing, mixing, & mastering all their own music; they’re known for designing their own visuals, artwork, and merchandise on top of being heavily involved in the artistic direction of their music videos. Their first NFT collection “Say It Like You Feel It,” is based on their hand drawn album artwork and drops April 26th. This NFT is a collection of multimedia work created from the cover art of Cash Cash’s upcoming album “Say It Like You Feel It.” The original artwork was conceptualized and hand drawn in pen and ink by Cash Cash themselves. The group then collaborated with renowned digital artists to bring the drawings to life; creating a collection of pieces that are directly linked to their album artwork. Each piece has unique unreleased music produced by Cash Cash. Get lost in this tripped out world of unique creatures sharing their deep thoughts & emotions from the mind of Cash Cash. The main “Album Cover” NFT will also include a one of a kind physical “30in x 20in” framed art piece signed by “Cash Cash,” containing all the original & extra unused drawings before they were comped, compiled, and digitally rendered. The physical art piece’s frame & size may slightly vary depending on material availability.

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