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A$AP ROCKY X AWGE DEBUT NFT COLLECTION ‘ROCKY GATEWAY. As a frequent innovator of sounds and visual aesthetics, A$AP Rocky continues to make fashion and art inextricable parts of his music. To conceptualize the release of his third album TESTING, Rocky partnered with Sotheby's for an immersive performance art piece called "Lab Rat," in which he portrayed himself as a test subject undergoing physical and psychological tests while surrounded by a crowd of onlookers and a world of viewers tuning in via a YouTube livestream. “Lab Rat” addressed questions of fame, ego, and artistic agency versus the demands of fans, sex, love, and loss, alluding to the challenges of the creative process. The piece was a continuation of Sotheby’s dialogue with Rocky, which began with a video in Sotheby’s Fearless Now series between Rocky and artist-activist Ai Weiwei to answer the question: what does it mean to be fearless? The duo revealed complementary – if not singular – visions of why art is central to humanity.

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