about this nft
Rich Hamsters Club

We got 5,000 Rich Hamsters selling at 1 SOL on 3-DEC 12AM UTC. WL will have 30% off the mint price.To sum up our project, holders of our nft will be entered into a bi-weekly sweepstake. How it works is 35% of the raised money goes into the community wallet, a big part of that + the royalties are added to the pool. The prize for each draw is 10% of the pool. The higher the holders the higher the prize.Remaining of the funds will be put to use in developing our website for the lottery dashboard, merchandise to give those early supporters and 2nd phase of our NFT; Breeding. One of our future plans we're excited about is developing DAO for Rich Hamsters to really gain control of the direction of the lottery pool , it could be new arts, breeding, more casino games and prizes or lucky draws

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