about this nft

Miss Al Simpson releases first ever Open Editions on Nifty Gateway! “Meta-morphoses” is an exploration of the glitching transformation of centralized fiat to decentralized crypto currency, presented by Miss Al Simpson’s Three Graffiti Graces…”Old Money”, “Cash Slave and “Bitcoin Bitch”. The journey starts with corruption of Old Money, posing outside that symbol of centralized fiat, the New Stock Exchange. She leans heavily on its outdated structure, as the old system starts to corrupt. We then move to the casino of the Cash Slave, spinning her luck on the symbols of money and wealth. She stares at us, hoping to impress, but forever corrupted by a slavery to centralized power. The journey ends in the techno nightclub of the Bitcoin Bitch. She stands, arrogant and powerful, with her back to the viewer, no longer concerned with impressing others with false symbols of wealth IRL. She stares into the Meta, mesmerised by the glitching power and potential of decentralization. Money has come full circle, no longer created by centralized banks, it is now created through the blockchain and will change the world.”

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