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Mecha Chaotic: Bedlam

Mecha Chaotic is an experiment in decentralized game theory and emergent phenomena. Your journey into the Mecha Chaotic Metaverse begins with an interactive minting ritual where the decisions you and the community make decide the rarity of each Mecha. Mechas are born into one of the Five Factions - The Many, Sanctuary, GL-4M, Void, and Baros. Together with your Faction, you will compete in monthly tournaments to win a series of increasingly valuable airdrops that hold the key to both discover and create parts of the Mecha Chaotic Metaverse. Owning a piece from the Bedlam NFT collection gives you access to your Faction's community, the chance to play and win each month as well as shape the narrative, community and direction of Mecha Chaotic. Welcome to a universe riddled with madness and wreathed in mystery.

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