about this nft
Love, Joy, and Crypto

Zevi G. is best known for his larger than life sculptures. The permanency of the large-scale pieces appeals to him in many levels – he feels that the pieces have roots, a presence, and because each piece is hand casted in metal or concrete, that they will last forever. The creative process for metal pieces is time consuming and costly. To simplify the process by way of explanation, the first step is the raw prototype followed by a lengthy sanding process to create the perfect smooth finish. The piece then goes into the wax mold casting process. Most of these pieces are intended for public spaces or private gardens aiming to reach a wider audience. Zevi's genesis drop with MakersPlace, Love, Joy, and Crypto, has a primary focus on celebrating the enthusiasm created from crypto and spreading that wealth with others. Zevi G. has a long term focus on creating art for collectors to the benefit of everyone in the community. He keeps his production very limited and due to the size and nature of his art, all of his work lasts forever.

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