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Legion of Witches

You can no more tell a Witch by seeing than you can a Street Punk, a Cyborg, or an Alien. When Witches appear in folklores, we look strange. Whether as Goths or Hippies, Witches are unveiled as perpetual outlanders in dress as well as belief. Juxtaposed in the mystical obscure stereotype and the multi-dimensional metaverse of the digital revolution, Legion of Witches emerged. Magic, casting spells and summoning of guardian spirits are what separate us from them. We, as Legion of Witches, are no longer the enemy as we sworn to protect and help people in dire need. Spells and magic require absorbed intent to materialise. The ability to focus on singularity intent, without any invasion of unconscious desires, hopes and fears does not come easy. If intent falters, the energy dispels. Magical treasure troves of potions, spellbooks and rare stones will enhance the capability of a Witch to boost super magical powers that no one has access to.

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