about this nft
Jumping Pumpkin

Our NFT collection is created for lovers of modern art which revives traditions of the good old days. Our collection brings together a community of people seeking one of a kind investment opportunity. The Jumping Pumpkin unique collection of art is performed in fine detail in best cartoon traditions, classy and laconic. Its sophisticated design, yet so ironic and clear in today’s reality, makes a really smart investment. We guarantee the exclusivity of the asset. We will only sell the maximum supply of 1500 NFTs at the initial mint price of 0.05 ETH per 1 NFT.The number of NFTs you will be able to purchase per transaction is limited to 10 pcs. As soon as the maximum supply is reached, the smart contract is not capable of minting any more. The maximum number of Jumping Pumpkin NFTs is forever unchangeable at 1500.The holders will benefit tremendously from holding the Jumping Pumpkin NFTs. You will become not only the owner of the NFTs and the underlying piece of art, but also the beneficiary of the cartoon which will be launched soon after the sale of the artwork. Beside that, you will be able to profit from the launch of a new game - Jumping Pumpkin World - straight after the cartoon release. We are distributing 50% of profit from the cartoon release among the NFT holders. Oh, and that’s not all! 50% of profit from the game sale will be distributed among holders on a permanent basis. How cool is that? A gloomy story of the eternal wanderer Jack O’lantern placed in the pandemic reality in the genre of science fiction. We will revive the tradition of the old-school horror movie and will season it with black humor. The NFT holders will benefit from the cartoon and game release in proportion to their share and the NFT rarity.

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