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ISO50 Collection 001 : Element

Scott Hansen has spent the past two decades creating visual art as ISO50 and music as Tycho. You can think of ISO50 as an operating system and Tycho as a product of the process design within that system. His portfolio - iso50.com - offers a lens into the past, present and future of TYCHO : ISO50. Tycho has long been drawn to the intersection of sound and imagery and has spent his career creating work that seamlessly melds the two. His first NFT collection - Element - showcases his multifaceted ability to channel memories and environments through unreleased musical compositions and animations. Tycho has twice received Grammy nominations for Best Dance/Electronic album while under the ISO50 moniker has received many accolades including the FWA award. Photography, design and music by Scott Hansen. Animations in collaboration with Michael McAfee.

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