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InfraMunk vol1

Bradley G Munkowitz aka GMUNK is one of the top digital artists, art directors in the world. The best description of his artworks in several words is “hybrid of Science Fiction themes informed by Psychedelic Visual Palettes”. For years, the artist has elaborated his signature style: enigmatic, atmospheric, and metaphysical. On April 7, GMUNK is dropping his passion project ‘InfraMunk’ on Nifty Gateway. ‘Each has their vehicle, their instrument, and their process. It is on them that we depend for a vision of what is to come” – says GMUNK. His vehicle and instrument is infrared photography as a technique for mapping a world that lies beyond the perception of our naked eye. In ‘InfraMunk vol1’ series, shot across three vastly different earthly frontiers, the viewers are inducted into a very personal journey.

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