about this nft

This artwork is about mental health awareness. In my cosmos I know many people that suffer from this state of mind, some more some less. In this society it is a hard thing (not to say a tabu) to speak about mental health as it is considered being weak and not having things under control. But the worst thing you could do in this situation is to not talk about it and think you can handle it on your own. The pressure of always having to perform at the highest level, of always having to be on and to always be achieving the next bigger thing with little to no rest can be devastating to some individuals. FOMO is a big part of this. The thought of being crazy or ‘not normal’ in combination with peer pressure and the steady feeling of having to be competable makes many think they are alone with this issue and that nobody would understand them anyways. For some this leads to a lot of bad habits in order to feel better about themselves and others. All this kicks off a vicious cycle that is very hard to break out of. We all should be more aware to what our body has to say and what our loved ones and people close to the inner circle have on their mind by just listening more and checking in more. Just letting them know that you are there for them but don’t forget to also be there for yourself. You are love!

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