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Golden Era Future Open Editions

For three decades, the music of DJ Premier has been the cornerstone of hip-hop’s sound. From The Notorious B.I.G. to Nas, Jay-Z, and even Christina Aguilera, “PREEMO”—as he’s affectionately known—is the conduit for artists in all genres to attach their lyrics to the complex rhythm of the streets. One of music’s most respected and most active creators has almost always chosen the recording studio over the red carpet. Unbound by genre or style, DJ Premier is a living auteur, with the whole world moving to the beat of his signature sound. Animus is an artist collective focused on empowering creatives through meaningful connection in art. Pioneers and forward thinkers, their roster features an array of experts across different mediums, aiming to create art that touches the mind, soul, and spirit. We are bringing our years of experience in the traditional creative worlds into the blockchain space, helping artists and projects achieve their vision seamlessly and efficiently, while empowering the community at large. Together, DJ Premier and Animus have created a body of work that exemplifies collaboration in this new era. Nine new instrumentals from Preemo that show the breadth of his skill and the range of his sounds, and visuals that tell the story of the most pivotal elements of his life and career. Featuring artwork by the Animus team: @michaelnicoll (Blnk), @spazecraft, @lemoarts, @tomall, @thisreo, @temi_coker, @jnsilva, @seandtweets, @viaticusrex and @shillmoon, this collection is truly a collaboration in every sense of the word.

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