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Extinction' by WhIsBe: presented by iv gallery. In the last decade alone we have officially lost 11 animals to extinction, not just insects that we may overlook, but majestic beasts such as the Western Black Rhino and Pinta Giant Tortoise. we are poised to lose many more unless we take action. WhIsBe uses humor to bring to light the plight of animals on this planet, but with an underlying wake up call, there are actions we can take to prevent many of these extinctions, there are organizations striving to save these animals such as the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where WhiSbe will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this drop. For WhIsBe's third drop with us there is also a set completion element! Five 1/1 'Never Forget' Vandal Gummy's are available to redeem, for the first three people to collect all of the five 'Species' series, and the first two people to collect all of the five 'Endangered Species' series, may not be easy, but certainly worth the effort.

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