about this nft
CHAOS #97- 101

Introducing CHAOS, 501 original works in the form of unique digital sculptures. Each NFT in CHAOS consists of two unique objects (an array of familiar objects to people today) that have been 3D scanned. They are set on a colliding course in motion and orbit. The sculptures, operating as an archeology of the present, are intended to manifest in any format that is capable of displaying, playing or showing a 3D sculpture in motion. Special for this Drop, CHAOS #101 Design introduces us to an exciting new artwork from Urs Fischer and Tiffany & Co. featuring Jean Schlumberger’s iconic "Bird on a Rock" broach documented in 3D form, colliding with an orange habanero pepper. The culmination of the project will be CHAOS #501, a single entity NFT uniting all one-thousand objects represented in #1-#500.

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