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Cartoon Fossils Open Edition

What is left of our childhood heroes? – A cultural relic, appearing as palaeontologicaldiscovery, according to Filip Hodas’ Cartoon Fossils series. The characters are known and loved for sparking joy round the world, through all different kinds of cultures. Seeing their remains on a museum-like pedestal, accentuated by perfect lighting, shows the ever-present appreciation they are receiving. At the same time, Filip questions the endurance of our passion. The grey skulls are contrasted by colourful backdrops, mimicking the inherent dissimilarity of the cute and the spooky. Apart from their very own bone structure, shown in perfectly refined detail, some distinctive accessories are left to connect the skulls to their original appearance and to tell a story about their past life. After all, this is what seems to keep them in their role and directly pulls us back into a story – theirs or the one Filip creates within his artworks.

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