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Awakener Open Editions

Wax//Wane releases 10 minute Open Editions on Nifty Gateway! Stars. The Moon. How strange that distant things have always captured our attention. Awakener is a collection of songs and visuals born out of distance and the compulsion to create in the face of an overwhelming present, and an unknowable future. Every note played, every pixel placed, every lyric crafted in isolation. Artists creating together by breaking through physical boundaries on an Ark made of data. And now we present it to you. Who is we, you ask? My name is Wax and my life is a testament to why you should never give up and how having people that care about you is the best type of currency. Nate Hill is one of those people. He has believed in me from the very beginning. Between doing work for Apple and Disney he would make gorgeous artwork for my music, bringing this amazing hypnotic vision that was a perfect companion piece to what I was doing. And he’s done it again with this collection. 10 Open Editions that are the key. If you HODL 5 or more unique pieces when the stars change, Be careful of what may awaken. If you acquire all 10 at the beginning of the story, Be careful of what you become.

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