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Aurora Ex

Aurora Ex is Rikognition’s genesis drop on MakersPlace. The pieces represent nearly a decade of ongoing creation, refinement, and reimagining. The work is in part inspired by the story of long time friend and collaborator GOWE, who grew up in a Chinese family, but was later shocked to find he was adopted from Korean biological parents. Like the destruction of a city, this moment shattered GOWE’s sense of self. In Aurora Ex, the character "Go" fights a sinister masked villain and an army of minions in his attempts to rescue "Aurora." Rikognition imagines Go’s struggle as a parallel to his own battle waged against the systemic under-representation of Asians and Asian-Americans in culture and media, and GOWE’s battle to reconcile his own identity. Aurora, a symbol of freedom and community, ultimately returns to help Go win the day, ushering in a new era of profound opportunity.

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