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Arkitextures Beta

The body of work from rek0de asserts itself as highly distinguishable in the field of 3D motion graphics. The flair is surreal in that the view from which the image or video is taken seems from very identifiable angles, as if a bystander came across such curious sights and pulled out their phone or camera to capture the moment. The Arkitextures Beta collection is a new take on 4 pieces of previously-viral artwork, featured over 300 times by respected accounts such as Design Boom, Visual Fodder and Visual Atelier 8. rek0de has worked with an array of clients: The Rolling Stones, Glass Animals, Alok, Deutsche Telekom, adidas, Lavazza, Ministry of Sound and Dr. Jart+, but is only just competent enough to write 'gm' in a tweet.

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