about this nft

These miraculous machines are our tickets to heaven, the guardians of a gargantuan spaceship where all human consciousness resides. While we live in simulated paradise, ARK//ANGELS take care of maintenance and resource gathering. With the coming of the Great Reversal, their job was made somewhat more difficult, as entire regions shrunk into massive black holes that not only absorbed all around them but also fired terrible beams of accumulated energy into their surroundings. Keeping the Ark functional in this context would prove challenging, as environmental damage increased the demand for energy shielding and repairs tenfold. As entire galactic groups sprung back into the observable (and reachable) universe, undoing what eons of cosmic inflation had done, new horizons dawned for the ARK//ANGELS. They traveled to these “new” planets, hoping to find resources to better fulfill their quest. Instead, they found something far more interesting…

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